Politicians hope for a boost to the economy. Athletes look to a generation inspired to take up sport. Others see a resurgence of patriotism, and a greater confidence in who they are and in what they value.

Nonsense, says Peter Hitchens, of the Mail on Sunday.  The only legacy is ‘increased debt’.  We have been ‘surprised by joy’, says Catherine Pepinster, of The Tablet, and ‘the feeling lingers’.  They debate the London Olympics’ legacy – real or imagined?  – with Emma Barnett.


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  • As far as I could tell, Pepinster’s position was entirely based on woo. Exactly what Hitchens was criticising in the first place. She then makes a ridiculous – and desperate – appeal to multiculturalism claiming that Mo Farah would present many people with a face of Muslims that many had not seen before as if most of the country does not already live and work alongside muslims they know day to day.

  • Might you have allowed them a final comment? It’s rather annoying when a youth decides that debate must end just as it gets going.

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